Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Week Wrap Up

We have been on Warped for a couple weeks now. I've had a chance to see a lot of bands, and these in my humble opinion are the best ones. So, if you are coming out sometime to see us this summer make sure you check these bands out too.


The gallows play harder than everybody everyday (except for Chris Steele). They are crass, loud and brilliant. I haven't missed a set yet. They more than any other band inspire me to play everyday.


I was introduced to Steph from POS the first or second day. I saw his set the next morning. He plays the whole show in the crowd and blows minds. He carries himself hard for a rapper. It feels more like he is fronting a punk band. I had always heard great things about him from The Bled and now I know why.


Our favorite political punks from Pittsburg. We have toured most of the world with them and I even sing on their new record. Don't skin your knee's in the circle pit.


Shad is a Canadian MC who we have been fans of for a while now. Him and his crew are on our bus. They spend the day making beats and Shad just starts freestyling every once in a while. Make sure you check him out he is the best.

I was planning on making this a list of 5 but I'm afraid I just can't. So, go check out these bands and save the rest for us.



  1. So there's only four other good bands on the whole Warped Tour? Haha.

  2. You guys and Shad were featured on tonight's CityTv(in Toronto) late night news segment on the Warped Tour and play you guys out in the credits.

  3. I'll be sure to check them out.

    Can't wait to see you guys on Long Island next week.

  4. You boys should just hurry up and come to Calgary. Who cares about the rest of the cities. We love you guys here more. :)

  5. i really did cry!
    i got to warped late!
    and my main priority was to see you guys!
    and i missed you!
    it was awful...ha,
    you guys HAVE to come back to indy soon!
    or at least next year's warped!!

  6. I was at Warped July 8th at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Pavillion. I had seen all the bands I wanted to and thought that they sounded okay. Many of the bands I had seen before, so I could judge the quality and their performance. I was extremely excited to see you guys for the first time and was more than satisfied with your performance. In my opinion, you guys sounded better than any of the other bands playing that day and really brought the heat. The energy on stage was amazing. I love your music!

  7. Obviously I'm going to see Gallows.They fucking kick ass, like a lot even through my speakers.

  8. you forgot to mention Alexisonfire to round off the top 5 =P