Monday, June 29, 2009

We are on a Warped Tour

My Friends,

It has been far too long. We will be doing these every day from now on so prepare yourself for some Tales of the Bizarre!
We have just returned home from a Warped Tour Charity Bowling event and what happened there was so ridiculous it made me think that it was time to resurrect the blog.

So, we received a call earlier from Warped asking us if we would step into Senses Fails spot in a bowling tournament they had running today. Senses Fails bus had broken down outside Ventura and they were stuck for the day. We happily agreed to do it and made our way down to the alley for 9:00. We knew that we would be playing with a kid on our team. What we didn't know is that the girl who was supposed to play with Senses Fail had just broken down in tears when she found out they weren't coming. She had bid on eBay to specifically meet Senses Fail and had flown from LA to Phoenix to meet the guys. To say she was disappointed when we showed up would be a wild understatement. We politely excused ourselves and she ended up on the Bad Religion Team. So, in the end she got a pretty good back up and we ended up getting hamburgers. Everybody won. Except Senses Fail.

Good Night Arizona.