Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Name You Gamblor

Walking around Warped Tour we are running into more and more old friends everyday. Dallas was telling me how over the course of the day in Phoenix both Will and Angel from Aiden came up to him and gave him a hard time. They both asked if he was still taking everyones money playing dice. Dallas winning a huge roll in Buffalo off those dudes meant little to him. But, it was the last time anyone in Aiden gambled. From time to time Alexisonfire likes to roll some trips and we do tend to get carried away.

Angel said to Dallas, that he always heard you should never gamble with anyone whose first name is a city. I should have taken that advice because I just lost about $50.00 in twenty minutes.

Happy Belated Canada Day,
wade and the boys.


  1. I picked up the new album yesterday and it's wicked. Being a Hamilton boy, gotta say that I'm loving Emerald St.! Nice work boys!

  2. ... and (American) money is green. I guess Dallas was just born to win eh?