Monday, July 20, 2009

give us a chance

"You people need to start moving around out there or I'm gonna go drown myself in a port-o-potty." George definitely had the quote of the day from our 11:15 set in NYC. When he is completely deprived of sleep George is often at his most hilarious. The set was good. It was at least as good as a rock concert can be before noon. As I touched on briefly in our last blog, a monsoon hit Philly so we weren't able to play. A bunch of people made the trip from Philadelphia to NY to see us and still and missed the set. I sat at the merch tent for a couple of hours and got yelled for most of it. Believe it or not the people who were the most irate were those who missed the set because they were drinking in the parking lot. They gave me an ear full! The set time changes everyday so get there before 11:00AM to be safe.

The next day in New Jersey was great. We were on later and everything was back as it should be. We have added Heading for the Sun to the set and it's been getting a good response. #2 from Anti-Flag came out and sang the end of This Could Be Anywhere in the World and POS came out and sang the end of Accidents with us. It was a star studded affair.

up the pop punx,


  1. Oh geez, "Heading..." live *___________*

  2. Man, waking up in the morning to do a show much be kind of a pain in the ass! lol

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  4. It must be tough having to perform so early in the morning
    but I definitely give you all props to having the heart to do so!

    I'm glad New Jersey went better :D

    I'd just like to add that seeing you play for the first time
    in Las Cruces, NM was overwhelming. You were who I
    wanted to see most and you definitely put on the best set!

    (Come back to El Paso, Texas!)

  5. That's my favorite picture- you guys are cute when cuddling together. And 11 am, ARE YOU SERIOUS? I don't get up before three pm but whatever, I'll be ready for the Calgary set. And fuck yes, HEADING FOR THE SUN is a faaaavorite of mine from the new album. Besides Emerald street...and others....

  6. i'm seeing you Aug 2nd in minneapolis i have been an AOF fan from the begninning and never have seen you, i will fuckign be there at like 9 idc how early. you guys should def play Midnight Regulations cuase that song is the shit and yall know it.

  7. so bummed about what happened on saturday...only caught h.b.t.k. at the end and i've never seen you guys live before. such b.s. with the tickets...never going to warped again. thanks for the signatures tho, you guys are awesome. really hope you guys come back to long island soon.

  8. That is the best photo everrrrrrrrrr haha <3

  9. Lol! I love this photo! *So much it almost becomes creepy* It looks so cozy :)
    Hope you guys make your way back to Amsterdam pretty darn fast!!
    I miss you!