Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Josh,

After a long day of beating up nerds and hassling homosexuals George and I headed back to the bus to celebrate. Today, we signed a multi-million dollar contract with MTV. We will be hosting a brand new reality TV show sponsored by our good friends at McDonalds and Nike. The show will take us across the United States to numerous republican conventions as we follow and aid Sarah Palin in her quest to become the 1st Female President! So, check us out this fall as we travel the country decked out in the latest Nike fashion and spread the word about the tasty new McSkillet Buritto!

So, to wrap things up we are now fabulously wealthy. Enjoy living at your parents house Josh.


  1. I'm having trouble believing this, I don't know what is causing my doubt though.

    You guys did totally kill it today at Warped in Orlando. Sorry for how pussy the crowd was. You can't expect much from them.

  2. LOL I -love- you guys.

  3. wow i never laughed that hard LOLL

  4. 20s and 50s George? C'mon.
    Wade better be using at least a thousand for that cocaine.

  5. signed x-Josh Fan



  6. hahahahahahaha.

    i have a boner.

  7. This is Epic!!! hahahah

    Rock On AOF!

  8. This made my day :D Haha. Good one guys!

  9. Obviously this was coming up.
    Everyone knew this was coming.

    Timberland feating on your next single?

  10. Ha ha!
    Its reminds me last nigth!
    naa just kiding.

    hey Wade!
    I made this draw of you guys!
    hope you like it:
    I think that this its probably the only way for my to can show you this draw.

    Grettings From Chile!

  11. russian vodka "Stolichnaya" lol

  12. C'mon I do this every weekend - only
    I don't look as sexy or cool. I think a collaboration with Jay Z is in order.

  13. Love it! Theres only one way to snort coke and thats off a black guys head for sure!

  14. That is purely AMAZING. <3

  15. ahahahahahahaaaaa i nearly wet myself first of all at wade snorting of a bald head, then i read it and laughed even more. i wonder if that guys gonna read this and feel like a dickhead? coz he should x

  16. LMAO! this is absolutely amazing :D i love you guys

  17. Also @ DMC:

    That drawing of yours is brilliant :D I love it, good work man

  18. aw! hahah you guys are bad ass. xo

  19. What a fanny that guy josh is!
    If he has so much time on hands why doesnt he write some music and make a change!
    He makes being on mtv sound like such a bad thing... how are u meant to get heard without being played! Dickhead!
    Keep fucking rocking!

  20. Even if this is a joke, I still find those pictures extremely disrespectful, I mean if that's not cocaine, then what is it? Why you go to all this effort to try and make some sort of ironic joke towards someone who appreciated your music? To get some blank approval from all these "fanboys" above me? Why you would even make such a thought out mockery or joke about cocaine is beyond me, considering the perception I had of your views on it from "White Devil", I don't even like that song too much, but I still appreciate the message I percieve from it. All these "fans" above make me sick, like "wiggum" - "He makes being on mtv sound like such a bad thing... how are u meant to get heard without being played! Dickhead!
    Keep fucking rocking!" Can you not see some all these ignorant selfish pricks you're now attracting? At least Josh is honest instead of just being some insecure unquestioning fanboy.

  21. Insecure unquestioning fanboy?! wtf!? ur a twat! Why the fuck even waste ur time slagging me if u think im such a dick? Your pretty pathetic. If u love the band just let them do what they do and dont get on they're or anyone of they're fans tits by being such a bellend. They'll do whatever they feel is right and go in the direction they want to go in.
    Have fun wanking in your own filth dimedude!

  22. 'wiggum', I am not too sure how you surmised that I am a twat, especially considering that you don't even know me, well I could be a twat for all I know, but at least I can spell...
    I found it quite funny actually, if you weren't an 'insecure unquestioning fanboy', perhaps you would'nt have responded so aggressively. Why are you trying to be so insulting to people you don't even know?

    "If u love the band just let them do what they do and dont get on they're or anyone of they're fans tits by being such a bellend" I found this quite humorous also. Firstly, the contraction of "do not" (which I assume is what you meant) has an apostrophe after the 'n'. Secondly if one were to say, "don't (notice the apostrophe) get on Alexisonfire's tits please," you could also say "don't get on 'their' tits please", what you wrote expands as "Don't get on they are or anyone of they are fans tits..." and that just doesn't make sense. Thirdly, if you've had enough of the grammar lesson, how could I possibly 'love' the band like you say? I love some of their music, sure, but I've never even met them, so I can't really say I love them. Although I'm sure you have quite an intricate relationship with them, right? That's why you're such a fan. Unfortunately I choose to take a different stance, rather than give my unquestioning support.

  23. Who is this Josh person? And what the hell did he do?

  24. HA!!!!!!! love the picture Wade. can you guys hurry up and play NYC! know you owe me.

    take care, "Gwen"