Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Say it aint so Shane

Hell has officially frozen over. Shane MacGowan lead singer of legendary band the Pogues has fixed his teeth! I blame the Jonas brothers. I blame George Bush. I blame that police state known as Disneyland. Times change thats for sure. A couple of days ago when I was sitting around aimlessly at merch I heard someone doing an At the Drive In cover. I found my way over to the skullcandy stage and checked out a band called Therefor I Am. They did a great cover of Arc Arsenal and I stuck around for the rest of the set. They have a cool small brown bike meets seaweed vibe. We did a signing right before their set this afternoon so we all had a chance to catch their show. They are great and really energetic. Ill definitely be checking them out again. They have a new record out on our old label Equal Vision. Go check them out.



    Well, that is a huge difference.

  2. The poor guy's face was caving in. I cannot blame him or the Bush administration (maybe Mickey Mouse).

  3. good for him, i think if someone can afford it they should do it, especially if lots of people have to see them open their mouth, my only exception would be billy corgan.
    checked out that band, music is pretty good but there's something about the vocals that i'm not a fan of

  4. He looks like A Steve Coogan character. Alan Partridge on crack.