Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hate Mail

I thought I would share this with all of you. It is the second time we have gotten this exact email. We first received it while we were in Vancouver making the record, and it popped up in our inbox again today. It makes me smile. Hopefully, it brightens up your day as well.

Subject : Important

Body: When i first starting listening to you guys on your first release i thought it was amazing.It was something different from all that mainstream pretentiousness out there.It helped kids who felt like they outcasts that they weren't alone and that someone understood them.All that glamor and shallowness didn't matter just honest music with integrity.Now you guys are all into being fake and into the money instead of having integrity or fighting for what you believe in.If you even believe in anything anymore all that fame has gotten to you guys when that stuff doesn't matter.The honesty in your first release has gone and you guys have completely sold out for money,for fame blending in with all the jocks and kids who are fake and shallow who you once despised.Or maybe you guys were always in it for the money the girls and fame.Never in it for the passion or honesty or the ability to touch people in different ways or help them threw there hardships.All i see is a band that was once good.A band that is now nothing but a bunch of sellouts and pretty boys.More concerned about looking cool on camera with your tattoos then being real and honest.Punk Rock is about being yourself not being pressured into dressing or acting a certain way.It,s about being an individual and not labeling yourself like a genre.But being a person with rights beliefs and values that should be there own and not based off of peer pressure.Or bowing like a slave to the mainstream masses or to Mtv.Listening to everything they say how to dress how to sound what to write songs about how your hair should look in a video.That stuff doesn't matter if you loose your integrity its like losing your soul its your heart your honor without that your just a puppet on a string doing everyone's bidding's without truly being alive without being an individual or yourselves just letting people control you and twist you the way they want you to twist and turn.Alexisonfire is dead in my eyes now its just a pop rock band now your just like the pretentious mainstream music you once hated and rebelled against

Josh (X Alexisonfire Fan)

P.S being macho doesn't make you a man being sensitive and not caring what other people think and having integrity does.


  1. guys,this guy is obviously a cockhead. if he has listened to anything you've done since then he would hear the passion and honesty, and IMHO every release gets better and more mature sounding. His definition of a pop rock band is baseless. Dudes, there are millions of people including me, who love your music for the passion and honesty. Keep it up guys, fuck the haters, cant wait to see you back in Melbourne next year hopefully sometime :) Bangers

  2. What this person wrote is nonsense.

    I have been a fan from the beginning and
    Alexisonfire your music remains brilliant.

    Heart & Passion continue to seep through.

    You have in NO way sold out.

  3. what a fuckin dbag. you clearly havent sold out you still don't wear headsets and magenta sequent suits.

    although if you did that while rocking out to "No Rest" that'd be pretty badass

  4. Wow, rather eloquent for a nut-job though, that was certainly not a first draft rant.

    I love the new record. It is a great thing that each album is different. Each one shows how Alexis, and you guys as individuals, have grown in the years between. Keep up the good work!

    See you in Regina, SK soon I hope.

  5. i read the first line skipped to the last. total, TOTAL d-bag all the way.

  6. yeah how dare you guys have nice hair in your videos... you... sellout... things...


    ... rock and roll!

  7. what a fucking loser. keep in mind that not every person who inhabits this earth isn't a whinging, idiotic, pathetic scumbag who wouldn't know a dedicated and anti-mtv band if they turkey slapped him in the face.

    i bet you five guys are all gazillionaries now hey? and who exactly do you bow down to? what a joke.

    haha at least i laughed. what a loser.

  8. @ Josh (X Alexisonfire Fan). You are a dick.

  9. Hahahah this is the funniest thing I have ever read!

    Not only have I been a fan since day one also - the new stuff is a lot different from the earlier stuff, but that doesn't mean it isn't bad. As for not helping people through their hardships. That is all Alexisonfire's music has ever done for me.

    See you in October :D

  10. haha this douche has nothing better to do with his time than sit on his computer and bitch while you guys are out there every day giving it your best rocking out your hardest - im glad that you dont let fuckers like this get to you - SEE YOU IN MINNEAPOLIS YOU BETTER PLAY MIDNIGHT REGULATIONS OR ILL BE SENDING YOU EMAILS!!! hahaha jk :)

  11. i love the fact he sent the same thing twice! hahahah

    please make your next video as poppy as possible just to piss him off more! some dance routines without a hint of irony would be awesome

  12. people need to remember that bands evolve and the music changes its not like when you release a new album everything that came before it disappears! You guys are great can't wait for reading or the eastpak antidote tour!

  13. toxic freak is right bands get older, their music will change, and in your case, it's been a very good progression. people fear change for some reason, and people don't realize that hearing the same shit over and over every album would get, as much as i like the first album, it's clearly not the best. i think you guys have admitted in interviews that it's not the most musically sound. when i bought the cd and first heard old crows, i gained even more respect for you guys...such a great way to kick off a new cd and tell people how you feel. anyone who thinks you sold out is not sane...if you want a good example of a textbook sellout...just look at papa roach

  14. WOW! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, If he doesn’t like Alexis anymore that’s fine, I do and that’s all that matters to me. I'm actually rather impressed with his definition of Punk.

  15. i'm sure there are a number of people who feel the same regarding the music, i would like to know what he's talking about with the pretty boys and tattoos to look cool comment. none of the more recent photos i've seen of the band suggest that pretty was their goal, unless the mascara was really subtle. i suppose some people get tattoos to look cool, but how can you say it about someone you don't know (cool is a yellow bird that just flew out and dived back into a tree outside my window).

  16. aw this makes me sad. i feel bad for him. what he once loved has changed. it happens. people move on. he has a right to feel how he feels.

    its not like everyone feels this way, its a few in the masses and alexis will always have their true fans. losing a few out of thousands of beating hearts is nothing. bleed and blister. xo

  17. His spelling was atrocious! Maybe if he spent a little more time in grammar class instead of writing pretentious hate mail, his message would have been more meaningful and concise.

    Hooray for verbal diarrhea!

  18. "Punk Rock is about being yourself not being pressured into dressing or acting a certain way.It,s about being an individual and not labeling yourself like a genre"

    Looks like he defined the genre of punk rock pretty well..wait.what? Sounds like all this guy cares about is how you guys dress. Sorry danielle, punk rock is more about attitude and message and less about being an individual. punk rock is still punk rock if people like it or not.

  19. You guys should call the next album "Josh". And write a whole bunch of songs about like prissy headband wearing faux-hardcore kids who think not showering is the end all of not fitting into a label or stereotype... ORrrrr you could write songs about like dressing up like lumberjacks and ax-ing all the haters... a la Cancer Bats video perhaps? I like it. Keep doing what you're doing. Res-pek fo lyfe. Ezz

  20. On behalf of every Alexisonfire fan, Josh you are a cock. Even though in interviews the band have stated that it's taken them 8 years to really find the right genre of music. Here it is and it's quality. Why create a 3rd/4th version of your first album? absolutely pointless. Even the band have said - "Alexisonfire wouldn't want to create a 'Alexisonfire 2.0', 'Watch Out 2.0' or 'Crisis 2.0'". Keep it up lads. Times-a-changing and yet again AOF are pushing it. SORRY ON BEHALF OF ALEXISONFIRE FOR THEM NOT FOLLOWING THE TREND IN MAKING PUSSY CRUNK-SCREAMO STUFF.

    It's called individuality. Every member of the band is different. Isn't that being 'Punk'? last time i checked it was.

  21. I bet he sends this to a whole bunch of bands and then just changes the X____ at the end. There is really nothing in it that actually identifies the band he's talking about as alexisonfire.

    Agree with mouse-click, Josh deserves his own song. Or you could just rename old crows "dear josh"




    (just kidding everyone, fully love the guys and their wonderful music)

  23. Hahahahhaha
    Jealous fuckers.
    When the word got out on your amazingness many people said fuck this, I knew them first.
    Than they have to distort your image to make themselves look better in their eyes, and a douchebag in everyone elses.

  24. I guess some people haven't gotten the grow up memo. I listen to the old Alexisonfire stuff and the old stuff and they both rock and are full of passion. This guy wants to listen to the same album over and over again he can hit the repeat button

    Keep up the great work Alexisonfire!

  25. LOL.

    This letter definitely made me smile and laugh. I can't believe someone actually said this to you guys. I love when people think they know you and they accuse you of things you're not (in general, not just Alexisonfire lol).

    Obviously he needs learn how to decifer the definition of "punk rock," which you guys are clearly not a part of (or at least I don't think so).

    On that note, I think I loved the line "or help them threw there hardships" because of the excrutiatingly painful grammar.

  26. I agree with Josh. I saw everyone putting their hands up in a diamond shape at your show and I think the fact that you now play with a sample of a dance beat is so lame. Maybe on your next album you should not let other people write the songs for you.

    If the band breaks up, you guys can start a new one. A rockabilly band called Big Daddy and the Flaming Hell Herses. I think the first single should be called "Grave Yards and Caddilacs"

    Ehh? Ehhhh?

  27. I must say that i love the time and effort he must have put into this letter of love, in all honesty though, if i didn't like a band or no longer liked a band's sound after they progressed i might take the time to listen to something else instead of whining like a spoilt child. I think he really needs to take a reality check, stop crying and get over himself :)

    what a tosser.


  28. dude what the hell is this guy smoking

    alexis is pretty much the most REAL band ever and always has been and prob. always will be.


  29. Seriously though; i have a close friend who is also a very big alexisonfire fan and he doesnt like the new stuff, where as i really fucking enjoy it, its definately something new and even though a lot of people are beginning to see how good alexisonfire are, it doesn't phase me, i know ive been a fan from day one and im dedicated to the music alexisonfire make, i don't need to prove that to anybody.


  30. I bet this kid is in a band which he believes is the epitome of punk rock, and he writes really ridiculous songs about being a rebel, contrasted with sappy sad lyrics that he thinks are extremely deep about how he is an outcast and society won't accept him.

  31. Hi guys, I've been an Alexisonfire fan and my band's music is heavily influenced by them. I really love their honesty in their work.

    I only have two things to say. Wade says it all in these two lines.

    'This is from our hearts, sincerity over simple chords.'


    'Times change, and people change with em, some people love to play the victim.'

    Alexisonfire, keep giving your best to your fans who deserve it. You've got the best and the least pretentious fans in the world. Cheers to that.

  32. Wow...that is the crapiest e-mail I've ever read.
    Hahaha. I think your whole new CD has everything to do with what you guys believe for him to say you don't beleive in anything anymore is bull shiiiit.
    & as far as you guys caring about what other's think...where was I when Alexisonfire cared about stuff like that?! Haha.
    Who crapped in Josh's corn
    flakes two times in a row? (:

    I still love you guys <3
    you'll never have to worry about losing me as a fan!

  33. Mr. Josh,
    What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


    Josh says that Punk is about being yourself
    But yet this is exactly what this album is about for AOF!! (I think) It's AOF coming out and showing/playing what they've wanted to do for some time.
    [HENCE: Young Cardinals/Old Crows]
    Check out the lyrics, it's a hidden message in Young Cardinals, Not so hidden in Old Crows haha
    Go listen to any interviews, Dallas would like to sing a little more, they want it a little less screamo while still maintaining the heavy awesome music, etc..

    But in all honesty, I really miss the passionate screaming from the 3 different vocal styles to give the lyrics true colour[that was mastered in Crisis], softer Dallas, Heavy Wade, and intense screaming George.
    Good Example:
    Soft(ish): You shouldn't have to fight alone
    Scream: You shouldn't have to fight at all!!!
    The lyric wasn't a repeat and it had significant meaning, it's those details I miss..

    AOF is doing what they love, and singing what they want to, good for them and I'm proud to be a canadian fan of such a talented canadian group

    Josh doesn't know what he's talking about..

    Keep it up guys! :)

  35. courtney: that comment you left was so ignorant, overbearing and of course biased.

    Kev-F: Your commment was also quite ignorant, it seems you also need to listen to Alexisonfire's earlier material a bit more if you want to hear the mixture of the 3 different screaming styles "mastered", oh, and once again your comment was heavily influenced by a biased opinion.

  36. haha dimedude, you doucher, Courtney's comment was a quote from Billy Madison. Stop trying to sound intelligent.