Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Groundhog Day

Not everyday is strange or fantastic. There are somedays where all you do is play the show. We have long days in the sun with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Don't get me wrong, we live for those 30 minutes on stage. But, on a tour like this there is a lot of downtime. All of us spend our days killing time in one way or another. Here is what we have been up to..............

Jordan got an old motorcycle off his Dad before the tour started. So, I brought my Vespa along for good measure. We have them both crudely strapped in the the back of the trailer with boxes of t-shirts falling all over the place and a few bmx bikes thrown on top of the pile. The two of us have been taking a lot of rides. In Memphis we took a spin and saw a lot of the city. In Montreal we both drove around all day in the pissing rain. But, at night when we were soaked to the bone we parked the bikes on a bridge and saw a late night fireworks display. George busy's himself by playing dominoes, listening to the blues and slowly nursing beers. Generally doing anything befitting the normal day of a 70 year old man. Steele disappears early in the morning almost everyday. I imagine his days are infinitely more interesting than ours. However, I have no idea where he is at any given moment nor do I have any idea what he spends his time doing. After nearly eight years in this band with him, he is still an enigma to all of us. Dallas has taken to teaching himself how to play slide guitar. He is always sitting around in a shady area picking away at his national resonator. It's only been a few weeks but he is getting real good already.

Our next show is in Buffalo and Everytime I Die is coming to hang out. I imagine the blog will be better tomorrow night.
Sweet Dreams,


  1. I wish I could go to the show tomorrow. You guys are my favorite band. Unless your the like last band to play I want be able to see you. All well there is always next year.

  2. Tell me George slowly sips Colt 45 and sits in a straw hat. I'll challenge his dominoe-ing skills anyday. Steele, where do you go?!?! He must have a secret teleportation device that he's not telling you about. Dallas keep on playing that slide guitar, ;]

    Damn. I can't wait till the 30 minutes where you'll be rocking my world.

  3. though i appreciate it a lot, how come only you, wade, post on the blog?

    seems the others would have time to do it once, right? (not trying to saw the breed of discord here ;) )

  4. Very interesting actually. What kind of Vespa... I have an old 1967 that is a huge beast.

  5. This blog is pretty cool! AOF, you guys should check out mine! :)

    Come back to New Zealand please! COME TO WELLINGTON! :D

  6. Dude, wade. This blog was ALWAYS good. Since day one. :)