Tuesday, July 7, 2009

breakfast, eggs, rock concert

Lately, we have been opening the set with Young Cardinals. Dallas rings out a long stoner intro and then we blast into it. George summed things up rather well right before we crashed into the song. Standing on the stack off speakers in front of the stage George yelled "11:15 in the morning are you fucking kidding me?!" Thats right at 11:15 this morning while some of you were at work and others were still tucked soundly into their beds we were playing really loud. Something often feels strange when you take music out of clubs and play it outside when the sun is still in the sky. But, before noon give me a break!!!

We had a team meeting a decided that we would play some more chill songs in the set. We figured nobody would be there at all.
But, somehow in the 15 minutes from when doors opened up to when we played a few hundred of you managed to find us. It turned out to be a great show and we promptly removed the slow jams from the setlist. So, thanks for waking us up this morning Indiana.

wade and the boys


  1. touring sounds amazingly fun. :) haha "dallas rings out a long stoner into"

  2. that is without doubt, the scariest fucking picture I have ever seen of Steele. And I've seen some scary fucking pictures of steele.