Tuesday, July 14, 2009

City and Colour Fans Hate Me

"City and Colour!" he screamed as I tuned my guitar and got my microphone in place.
"Play Coming Home!" he yelled as we rang out at the beginning of the set.
"Fuck This!" he said as he threw a large cup filled with ice directly at my face.

So many questions running through my mind.
Who threw it?
Do I put down my guitar and punch the guy?
I wonder if he is big?
Are the guys gonna get mad if I stop the set to beat up some kid?

I decide I'm going to do it and I take my guitar off to go into the crowd. Just as I go to get off the stage George pushes me out of the way and hops down to the barrier. He spits in the guys face and throws his microphone at him. Then security comes out of nowhere and drags the kid off.

But, George didn't stop there. During the last song a Canadian flag lawn chair got passed up to the front. Not only did George manage to sit on the lawn chair on top of the crowd. But, then he somehow managed to stand on top of it and even jump off onto the crowd.

Bruno was pretty funny,


  1. This shit better happen in Vancouver...

  2. TOUR SOUNDS EXCITING SO FAR!!! Don't worry. It seems George has your back. =]

  3. Geez, that's not true. Not every fan of C&C doesn't like you, Wade ;P

    Anyway, George and his supporting you amazed me ;)

  4. i like city and colour, i like black lungs and i love alexisonfire! don't care about that stupid guy!
    waiting for you in italy! CIAO

  5. That's intense. The kid had no right to do that. I adore City and Colour but I adore Alexisonfire too! I don't hate you Wade :) and props to George for sticking up for you. Brotherly love <3

  6. I just hope i get to see pictures of george using that chair some day

  7. Hahahaha. Aww!

    Not all C&C fans hate you, I'm a (pretty huge) C&C fan and I love AOF with the same amount of my heart that I love C&C.

  8. George really likes you! He really really likes you! (Is it still cool to make Sally Field references?)

  9. I like you enough to make up for all the douche bags that don't like you:)

    Amazing toronto show!

  10. I heard this story from someone who was there, and now I wish I'd been there too... damnit

  11. fuck that douche who threw the ice at you wade, i saw that shit happen and i seriously thought you or george was gonna kill they guy.

    in all seriousness though, you guys were fucking awesome. hope you make it back to maryland sometime soon.

  12. Wish someone threw ice at me in Toronto. It was hot out!!!!

    Maybe he was secretly trying to help.

  13. Oh my Gosh so thats what happended! (We didn't know they disrespected you) We saw the spitting and the microphone. I love all your music. Alexisonfire, City and Colour and of course The Black Lungs. I can't wait till you guys tour again. I met you yesterday Wade you were so awesome and took a picture with me at your booth. I kept telling you how much of a fan I was. I hope you can take some time and write me a reply!!!


  14. i have the pics of george using that chair if you want them wade... or northerntowns

  15. Wade, I don't hate you. You're the fucking man, man! Your so bad ass by the way George. Damn, none of my friends would stand up for me like that. What was Dallas' reaction to all this?

  16. wow, that jerk really threw something at you? what a tool and does the moron even know that you're not city and colour, but Dallas is? haha Good on George for defending you...and that chair stunt sounds pretty freaking awesome.

  17. Ha. This is the best thing i've ever heard anyone in a band say. Congratulations.