Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Vegans are the new Christians!"

Our final days at armory were beautiful. The tour of the molson brewery was fun and informative. We capped off our last day with a bbq on the roof top patio which left me longing for spring. Maximum respect to Rob and Dan and all the friendly folks at armory studios. It was a fantastic experience but we needed to get back to southern ontario before we were consumed by madness. and nothing personal to my bud dal but i had had just about enough of sharing a bed with him.

Now we are back in the fruit belt. we finished a song today and i tell ya it feels pretty good. 1 down 16 to go. juices studio is comfortable. it feels like home.



  1. Sounds like a real great time. :)

  2. Awesome guys! Glad to hear progress.

    Is sharing a bed with Dal that bad? He doesn't sleep anyways, so no snoring.

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  4. That is dope! To think you have been recording in Vancouver, I could have tracked you down! Hahaha. Been hearing good stuff about this from Tegan Quin, of Tegan and Sara. Can't wait till it comes out. Now, onto a real question, would it be possible if I could construct a interview with Dallas Green? I have a ton of questions to ask him, haha. It'd be for my blog, which, is this. www.dotca.tk or dotcarants.blogspot.com Same thing, just free domain!

    ryanrose@telus.net (if you want to get back to me, which would be rad)

  5. seems like the perfect time for strange notes-alexisonfire