Sunday, March 1, 2009


The gang all had a nice little brunch today at the twisted fork. If you are ever in the vancouver area i would have to suggest you check it out. It's a great place to sit around and gab about black metal over bananas and french toast.

With drums, bass and most of the guitars completed, the days are flying by. We have now moved on to leads and overdubs. i think the vocals will have to be done in Hamilton, as our time in Vancouver is limited. as much as we would love to board up the doors and never leave this studio ever again, we would go broke pretty quickly. soon we will have to leave all the beauty of the Berrard bridge and Granville island behind. On a side note, since we got here i have had a mean hankering for an Asian pear and unfortunately the Granville public market can't accommodate my bizzaro, ozzy like, fruit requests.

until next time boys and girls...

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