Thursday, March 12, 2009

its a small world after all

So, we are back at home now. Which means warm beds, late night grilled cheese sandwiches and singing all day at Silo Studio. Silo is a great little home studio in the country outside Hamilton. We recorded Watch Out! here, we did all the vocals for Crisis here and it feels good to be back putting the finishing touches on this record. It's dark, small and comfortable and it's always been a great place to make music and be creative. Whether that is Dallas kicking a box full of bells and tambourines or yesterday when I was playing slide guitar with a lighter because we couldn't find the slide it seems something new is always happening.

Also, speaking about new things happening I came home to find out I have new neighbors. As I leered out my front window at the tattooed weirdoes sitting outside smoking and enjoying a cup of tea on their porch my first thought was, well there goes the neighborhood, but my second thought was that they looked strangely familiar. After a closer look I realized why they looked so familiar. It was the Bleeders! The very same Bleeders that we played with on our first trip to New Zealand. They are a great punk band from Auckland and I'm sure we will be playing some shows together very soon. So, welcome them to Canada and check them out!


Guiness makes you strong,


  1. This blog was awesome...make more longest epic blogs.

  2. excited for Young Cardinals. I HOPE we get a single soon!!!!

  3. no we BETTER get a single soon!!!!

  4. i dig the fact that you're recording in the same place Watch Out was recorded! obviously this is going to be one wicked album. :)