Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As the deadline looms over head we are starting to panic my friends. Gone are the days of Tim Hortins runs, playing Wii with Juices son and goofing around with Porter the studio dog. Time to get down to brass tacks. So, now we play with the dog as we record vocals, and we have hooked up Wii through the main recording console, and Tim Hortins is strickly a drive thru stop.

The mysterious Christopher Steele showed up to our surprise the other day. He is in full blown summer mode. No coat! sun roof down! He even told us he had washed his car before he drove out to the studio. I must remind our friends in warmer climates that it is still very much winter here. There may not be snow on the ground but it ain't warm. All this prompted me to tell him that I'm thinking about naming my first born Chris Steele MacNeil. To this he responded that he will name his son Cortez.

happy St. Paddys,


  1. Brass tracks...is that a euphemism for something or are you actually putting in brass instruments? I'm hoping the latter. That'd be cool.

  2. Brass tacks, my bad. No idea what that means lol.

  3. Tell him Cortez is a last name.

  4. no way man, Cortez is totally a first name, just ask Neil Young man, one of the greatest songs ever! Go Steele!

  5. Why not Jesus? Pronounced HEY ZEUS!
    And perhaps, maybe, you should just invest
    in a doughnut making machine. sugary and sweet
    like you boys.

  6. I'm real sick of looking at that picture of that guy. DEADLINES!!!

  7. MEE TOO! That picture is driving me insane.

  8. OMG i thought Shane MacGowan was already dead...(good to see that he is not, considering the awesome music that the pogues made) but anyway he looks "nearly" dead.
    just wanted to say (as probably, a gazillion before me) can't wait for the new album, can't wait for the tour!
    guess you guys will be rocking the shit outta each location that you will be playing.(as always!)did not miss a single show here in germany; but now i must say, since i will be moving to australia in july, that i really hope you will be playing there before playing in germany :D

    take care

  9. ..and you will! aweeesome.!!
    see you guys on the 5th of june in dortmund.

    all the best

  10. Aw, Wade, you can't even spell Tim HortOns right? I'm revoking your Canadian passport.