Friday, February 20, 2009


This is Nick Blagona.
He was the studio engineer on crisis and he is currently working with us on young cardinals. 
Nick is a veteran of the music industry and has been engineering records longer than i have been alive. every time he opens his mouth, out comes a wild tale of barbarism involving deep purple or John Belushi. Today we learned that not only did he record "israelites" by desmond dekker but he also recorded jimmy cliff at crystal studios in kingston JA where he had his bottom teeth knocked out by a jealous rasta. he has lived more in 15 minutes than most live in a life time.

Nick is a rare individual. an endangered species of sorts. a jolly man with a mouth like and alcoholic sailor. a wise and feral spirit.

death to pitch correction!
george and the boys


  1. Cool. I don't know if you check these comments, but is Juice producing this time around?

  2. I think that I would like to challenge "Nick" to a duel

  3. does anyone know what studio this is?

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