Sunday, February 22, 2009

Greetings From the Mouth of the Beast

Digging into day 3. the boys are crushing takes like ants on the pavement. Nick, Juice, Rob and me are all behind the hull of what looks like a nuclear sub. the science of recording music is so far over my head. i have no idea what any of these knobs do, ill just leave that up to the professionals. 

The academy awards are on and we have taken a little break. i think Werner Herzog got robbed in the best doc category. shaun penn just made a great speech for best actor and a fine statement about gay rights.

 soon enough we will be back in the mouth of a beast. back to work...if you want to call it that.  it's fun to watch the boys get behind their tools and cut their way through a song. 7 songs in the can probably 8 by the time we finish up.  i think when the dust settles on a year of ideas put to hard drive, we just might have made something worthwhile. but you get to be the judge of that. 

Until then, heres to first takes and espresso panic attacks


  1. Personally, I thought the entire category of Best Documentary was kind of weak this year.

    But 7 songs done in two days? That's crazy!

    And George, it's Sean. ;)

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