Friday, October 2, 2009

back to the matter at hand

Hello friends, fans and downloaders of illegal music,

We are gearing up to get back on tour so I thought it was time to resurrect the blog. It was pronounced dead on a hot summer day shortly before the end of this summers Warped Tour. Our spirits were dwindling and I was having a hard time not writing anything except........."woke up today, played at noon, walked around aimlessly for hours, Escape the Fate still suck." But, tonight after a couple beers and a few hours playing a Simpson's video game I know now the blog must come back.

Since you last heard from us we played some festivals in England, did some university's shows close to home and we even managed to shoot a video for our next single Born and Raised. Things may have been quiet but we certainly have been busy. We even wrote some new songs that are gonna be released as EP in the new year. The EP will be called "Dogs Blood" and more than likely we will just do a vinyl release and put in on Itunes (so go to grandmas house and take her record player). Can't wait to get to the UK in a couple days we have missed you cheeky blighters!

Happy Birthday George you old bastard!


  1. I'm one of those illegal music down loaders. =]

  2. Glad to see your back to blogging!!
    You guys need to have another concert in Toronto!!! We miss you!

  3. with Wade at the helm.. this is the best blog ever!!

  4. baxter is right. home town show?!

  5. cant wait to see you in nottingham wadee :) <3

  6. Vinyl be damned. I'll settle for Itunes though.

  7. love you and can't wait to see you in Prague later this month!

  8. is the blog back to being dead again?

  9. Dam wade, it's was a long waiting, but it's worth it =D
    at least, you are not death!
    realy nice video, that's one of my favorite songs of the album, nice place to make a video to.
    well, you will back on touring again, so probably it's gona be another year without having you on latin america, can we spect some visit on 2010?
    anyways, am looking forward to your new work!
    I cant wait to Ilegal Donwload it! (the only way to can get it at this place of the world)

    Happy B day Jorge!


    PD: Escape the fate has always SUCKED SO MUCH! like a lot of the fuckig fag bands of the US!

  10. WOw can't wait for your new EP :D
    Happy very belated bday to George anyway!

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  12. Alexisonfire come to Brasil please =D
    we love you =D